The Book Of Quinton (tao_of_quinton) wrote in ghostly_beauty,
The Book Of Quinton

Little Ghost Boy

Name: Angus Quinton

Age: 20

Where do you reside: A smoke filled den, atop a mountain, surrounded by dragons. Actually, the top floor of a house, surrounded by stuffed animals, but there is smoke... Oh, I bet you mean Vancouver. I live in Vancouver.

Sex/sexuality: Straight male

Body mods (list what you have. Pictures are welcome too!): Piercings: Labriet, both nipples
Tattoos: Right leg - Green Native Frog, Left Leg - Blue Native Thunderbird, Right Arm - Red Fire Spiral Armband, Left Arm - Green Flame Armband, Lower Back - QUINTON in script

Drugs or Drink? If so, what?: I smoke weed and drink gin and wine. Dabble in other stuff...

Favorite Food: Apples. Simple, tasty, and versatile. I make good pie.

Ten Favorite Bands: In no particular order The Beatles, Infected Mushroom, David Bowie, Gorillaz, NIN, The Beatles, MSI, Rob Zombie, The Dust Brothers, Tom Waits

5 Favorite Movies: Mirrormask, Yellow Submarine, Dr. Strangelove, Jesus Christ Superstar, Equilibrium

Favorite Author: Harlan Ellison, master of alternative fiction

Favorite Book: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Favorite Song: Heartattack and Vine - Tom Waits

Favorite Visual Artist: Salvidore Dali

Favorite Season: Fall, into the beginning of winter. September through December really. The brisk air, the posibility of snow, and its the time leading up to my birthday.

Do you have any hobbies? I'm a human BBQ. Ok, so really I eat and breathe fire, I bake, I play videogames, and on the rare occasion, I get to do some acting. I'm also getting into pyrotechnics and stone art (engraving, and some mask making, oh yes)

What do you want to be when you grow up? Superhero. Seriously! Who wouldnt want to help people in a super and impressive way? And heat vision can be used instead of a microwave. Good stuff.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? Here. I like it here. All my stuff is here. All my friends are here. Here is pretty fucking awesome.

Why do you want to be in this community? It makes me feel pretty.

Where did you hear about us? From the head lady herself.

Mr. Hat
Stone Giant
Another Hat
Scream Against the Night
Just Hot
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