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11:25am 27/06/2006

06:44pm 15/05/2006
A link, so we can all sleep in gothic beauty too!

I really love this:

Skull Sheets!
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07:21am 18/04/2006
mood: willing to oralize the voters
People of the Internet!

I need your help. My best friend, childofcrow is holding her annual 'Battle To The Death' and I am in this weeks voting.

What does this mean to you? This means that I desperately need your help and your vote to defeat the diabolical Ryan!

How can you help? I'm glad you asked. First, please vote for me. You may do so here on Renee's LJ.

I am this dude:

Secondly, you can report this to any other journals and/or communities to ensure the maximum number of votes!

Please help me defeat Ryan, for everlasting peace!

I will beg you for your vote again when needed.
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Bonsai Kittens 
03:39pm 07/01/2006
mood: silly

So, do these guys qualify for the community? It's body modification... :-D


I'm not sure if I'm appalled, amused, going to hell because I laughed, going to my room for a time out because I laughed... I can't see my cat Malcolm every letting me attempt to modify his body!

Oooh, but he did have a pierced ear for a few weeks. Grey (my roommate's cat) pierced a whole right in the middle of Malcolm's ear. I felt so bad for him, but it was really cute and gave him a great attitude!

(If you guys would rather I not post stuff like this, please feel free to let me know. I love sharing silliness with the world, but don't always judge if somewhere is the right forum.)
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Hey Folks 
07:23pm 19/12/2005
  Just as a heads up, I'll hopefully have a new set coming soon.

Also, I've gotten myself a new toy in the form of a Canon Digital Rebel XT so I'm all about taking pictures of stuff. Fair warning, all my minimal photography knowledge is self-taught and minimal but if someone wants to pester me for shots, I wouldn't object to taking pictures.
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10:53am 23/11/2005
  Found my webcam while packing. Here are some pics of my arm tattoos, as requested on application.

Behold, the shirtless Gus...Collapse )
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You want to see my Head? 
06:39pm 17/11/2005
  Ok here. I'm sure everyone is getting mad at me, so here is a non-blurry photo of my headCollapse )  
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Little Ghost Boy 
05:12pm 17/11/2005
  Little Ghost BoyCollapse )  
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Fine I won't hide. Here is my face. 
08:58pm 16/11/2005
  Full FrontalCollapse )  
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Little Ghost 
10:02pm 15/11/2005
  Little GhostCollapse )  
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Little Ghost 
07:33pm 07/11/2005
  Applications, please...Collapse )  
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